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Sarah Dauncey

jflogofbA doula is who you are not what you do. Think of that friend who makes you feel more positive and more confident in yourself and your own abilities who you know you can rely on to give you information, not advice and any practical help you need often before you even say you need it. Don’t have a friend like that? You definitely need a doula.

I’m not able to be available as a birth doula for the moment due to my family commitments but I’m available for postnatal support.

As your postnatal doula, I’m experienced in supporting you to feed your baby and learn to care for them confidently. I can cook meals for you and do basic housework such as washing dishes, loading the washing machine and hanging clothes on the line or running the vacuum cleaner over. I can care for your baby while you have a nap or play with an older child I can even take the dog for a walk. Best of all I can make a lovely cup of tea and sit down next to you and listen to all the thoughts and emotions that overwhelm you in those early days and weeks.

Contact me via my website http://www.joyfulfamilies.net   call 07970918518 or email sarah@joyfulfamilies.net

Sarah is a member of Doula UK