Welcome to Hampshire Doulas


The Hampshire Doulas listing function has come to an end.

If you are looking for a doula a good place to start is https://doula.org.uk/find-a-doula/

If you’re a doula or thinking about becoming a doula in Hampshire you can connect with other local doulas here https://www.facebook.com/hampshiredoulas/groups

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Hampshire Doulas

  1. Hi I am a 44 year old mum of two children who are now 16 and 12. I have previously worked with children and for the past few years have thought about retraining to become a midwife, but am now really interested in becoming a Doula. I live in Hythe. How do I start the training process please and how much demand for work is there around here?
    Many thanks

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