World Doula Week

Why not join in with doula uk’s social media campaign if you had a doula.

“With one week to go until World Doula Week 2015, Doula UK have launched the #WeHadADoula social media campaign.

The idea behind the campaign is that there is so much solid and overwhelming evidence showing the benefits that a doula can bring to a family during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period, but it is the flexible practical and emotional support that doulas provide to women and their partners during the childbearing year that is the fundamental value of doulaing and it is this that it can be hardest to get across. The #WeHadADoula Campaign will use real people’s stories to help people understand what a difference doulas make.

For more information on the #WeHadADoula Campaign and how to support it, see here.

Please NOTE: #wehadadoula is not necessarily about a nuclear family as we always count the baby as being part of the ‘we’.”


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